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Home Price ProtectionHome SellersBuy Now

How it works

It's simple. We track housing prices in your area, and should they fall below an agreed threshold, we make a payout to offset any potential decline in your home's value. No need to sell your home or prove a loss. It's effortless protection.

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Understanding Home Price Index Protection

Example of a $50,000 Protection Contract

Home Purchase

You purchased a home priced at $500,000.

HPI Protection Contract

You selected a contract that offers up to a $50,000 payout should the home’s value decrease.

Payout Criteria

A payout is made if the home’s value decreases by 10% to 20%. A 20% decrease results in a full $50,000 payout.


Market Changes

The housing market experiences a 15% decline, reducing your home’s value to $425,000.

Payout Issuance

Given the 15% decline, you receive a $25,000 payout — the midpoint between a 10% and 20% decrease.

Contract Renewal

The contract renews at term’s end with a reset starting home value. Regardless of renewal, you keep the $25,000 payout.

Simple pricing.

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