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Why buy Home Price Index Protection?

Real estate values are like most investments, they go up and inevitably go down. Home Price Protection can help offset losses to your property’s value when prices decline.

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Four reasons why you need Home Price Protection

Discover the top reasons to choose price protection for maintaining your home's value

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Effortless protection

It's easy to get started with Home Price Protection. There's no need to prove a loss, sell your home, or deal with a mountain of paperwork. We track local housing prices and if they fall below predetermined level, a payout is issued automatically. It's simple, it's seamless and it's designed with homeowners like you in mind.

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Promoting peace of mind

Uncertainty about the future can lead to stress. With Home Price Protection, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that you're protected against potential market downswings. You can plan confidently for your future, no matter what happens in the housing market.

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Safeguard your asset

Your home is likely one of your largest assets, and its value impacts not just your net worth, but also your future financial planning. Protecting your home's value with Home Price Protection can help ensure the stability of your long-term financial goals.

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Shield from market downturns

The housing market can be unpredictable. Even in strong economic times, localized factors can lead to decreases in home prices. Home Price Protection serves as a shield, safeguarding the value of your home against such market downturns.


Powerful protection tailored to your unique needs

Explore the different ways we can help, by selecting a scenario below.

Buying in a volatile market

Home Price Protection allows you to lock in your home’s value at closing, by paying you if market prices later fall. Feel secure, knowing your property is protected.

Meet Lisa, a first-time homebuyer who’s concerned about the impact of a volatile housing market
Las Vegas, NV

Lisa (26) and her fiancé, Robert (25), are planning to buy their first home. They’re new to the process, but excited to finally become homeowners. They’ve saved just enough for a 10% down payment on a single-family home in Skye Canyon, near Las Vegas. But Lisa’s family and friends have warned her against buying a new home in the current housing market – warning of an imminent decline.

My fiancé and I are beyond excited to finally own our very own home, but everyone is telling us to wait. We’re worried that we’ll regret the decision to buy if our house value plummets.
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Peace of mind is just the beginning

REZITRADE'S Home Price Protection makes it easy for you to purchase loss coverage for your home's value. REZITRADE lets you set it and forget it.

  • Customizable

    Invest in the protection option that makes the most sense for you

  • Automatic payouts

    No need to complete paperwork, sell your home or demonstrate losses

  • Flexible terms

    Choose a short- or long-term protection period. It’s your call

  • Easy renewals

    Notification provided 3 months prior to expiration with 1-click renewal

Common questions about HPI Protection